Mahatma Jyotiba Phule

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

BAMCEF Organization, National President : Mr. B.H.Rathore , National Gen. Secretary : Mr. Atarveer Singh. Office : 4/ 5881, Block- 4, Dev Nagar Karolbagh, New Delhi - 110005


BAMCEF is an organization of educated employees of oppressed and exploited communities amongst Indian society. Its full form is “The All India Backward (SC/ST/OBC) and Minority Communities Employees Federation” (Regd.). The Registration number is S – 17809. The term backward has got its significance as mentioned in the Indian Constitution. Indian Constitution divides the oppressed and exploited Indian society into three main categories on the basis of the nature of their backwardness i.e. (i) The Scheduled Castes (2) the Scheduled tribes and (3) The other Backward classes which have specifically been enumerated by the commission headed by Kaka Sahib Kaleker and finally by B.P. Mandal during 1953-55 and 1977-80 respectively. If is a known fact that religious minorities such as Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists etc. converted from the oppressed and exploitation as do the people of their earlier faith. Thus they are also included under the basic meaning of the term ‘Minority Communities”. The term ‘Employees’ includes all such educated employees belonging to these communities working with Central, State or Local self Government or their undertakings, private sectors and those who are even self-employed gainfully in their own individual professions.

All BAMCEF Presidents Together From Left - Mr. S.R.S. Pawar, Former National President, Mr. T.S. Jhalli, Former National President, Mr. B.H. Rathore, Present National President during a function at Surat


  • National President                     -   Mr. B.H. Rathore
  • National Vice Presidents           -   Mr. S.P. Arya and Mr. Ashok K. Dongre
  • National General Secretary        -    Mr. Atarvir Singh
  • National Organizing Secretary    -   Mr. Ishwar Chand


1. To provided hope and help to ones own downtrodden society which has been made to feel as hopeless and helpless through the centuries old tyrannies committed on it by the exploiters and oppressors in India.

2. To build, lay and strengthen the non-political roots of the oppressed and exploited society in the fields of social, economic, educational, cultural, scientific, trade, commerce and industry which have been completely destroyed by the tyrant class.

3. To become a perennial source of inspiration for the oppressed and exploited society by way of developing moral values for self and exhibiting those values to the society as model.

4. To create capable, committed and genuine leadership.

5. The generate, develop and operate direction centers to guide the oppressed and exploited society.

6. To develop and provide resources and skills to the society for its amelioration.


The mission of BAMCEF is to bring complete social and Cultural Revolution in this land of disparity. It is through its objectives that BAMECF foresees the accomplishment of such a revolution. It has got its root in the concept of payback to the society. If we go deep into the past heritage of the oppressed and exploited society and the struggles fought by its people to put an end to their sufferings, it looks evident that the class of educated employees is one of the major beneficiaries of the product of such struggle. Thus it becomes obligatory on their part to see that their brethren who still continue to remain a deprived lot should also enjoy the fruits of the struggle equitably if not in a bigger way. This is the mission of BAMCEF in a nutshell.


When we study the structure of Indian Society it is fundamentally based on caste system. This caste system is intact and maintained by the sanctions of religious command and the authority of scriptures. As such the system provides privileges to a part of the society and imposes disabilities on other remaining segments. The fundamentals of the present system are neglect the humanity but love your own caste on one hand and a descending order of duties but ascending order of privileges of the varna system which has survived itself in the absence of any appreciable, combined and successful struggle  by the co-sufferers to put an end to this unjust order which has crippled their life. Recognising this fact fully well, the educated employees of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Classes and Minority Communities have organized themselves under the banner of BAMCEF, to fulfil their sacred mission i.e. to pay back to society and to bring social and cultural revolution in India because individually they have been feeling hopeless and useless, and in small lots they are ineffective. To ameliorate the condition of the downtroddens and to provide fair justice to them the Indian Constitution contains very elaborate provisions. It amply recognizes that the SC. ST OBC and Minorities are the victims of the condemned caste system. But good constitution cannot automatically provide good Presidents and good Governments. The intentions, attitudes and family background of those who are in high echelons of power ultimately determine the practical utility of the constitution. Though Indian Constitution provided safeguards to these communities, the government did not implement those provisions fraudulently over the last 45 years. In this background, it can be safely presumed that the government and its agencies will not implement the constitutional safeguards even for centuries more to come. Then those who are the sufferers and full of disabilities must rise up and do something of their own. Just listening to the vocal resentment of these communities, the power hungry political parties in India have been giving some doles and promises. The most important among such laudable promises was the formation of three commissions by Janata Party during 1977 when it came to power after the debacle of Congress (l) rule. 1. SC, ST Commission

2. Backward Class Commission

3. Minority Community Commission

The fate of these commissions remained so miserable that these commissions put salt on the injuries of the unfortunate communities. Due to the basic fault of the prevailing system these communities will not come together of their own automatically as they are caged in planes of graded degradation. On the other hand in their own individual capacity these communities cannot launch any successful and sustained struggle. Thus arranging for resourcefulness, capability, desire, skill and preparedness to initiate, develop and sustain such a successful struggle against oppression is the need of the hour. In the direction employees employees of these communities can be looked upon the only ray of hope. They have to become the torch bearers to show a path to the victims of the system to put an end to their sufferings. Hence BAMCEF takes the privilege to pool up the meager resources at the disposal of the employees of these communities to create a mighty rock capable to obstruct the further flow of this dreaded system of grades inequalities, indignities and tyrannies.